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You must stay in tune with your packaging

04 25 2017

You must stay in tune with your packaging

The competition is tough. Normally, newly designed packaging would last five to eight years, but today most packaging is updated or “refreshed” every two to three years (Napolitano, 2012).

If packaging is becoming more important to you, the same will be true for your competitors. If you want to maintain a leading position, you'll have to make sure that your packaging positions your brand as the leader and, of course, stay relevant to your shoppers/consumers. That could mean great packaging design, packaging with less impact on the environment or less waste etc. 

Packaging plays a major role in Shopper Marketing. When a shopper is walking down an aisle and stumbles across a shelf speaker, floor ad or end cap display, it is the packaging that will often result in that first moment of truth – the purchase decision. 

For many successful big brands, the packaging usually sets the tone for all other communications efforts, establishing the brand’s overall look and feel. This is the way forward. To fully understand the importance of a packaging strategy as a part of your sales and marketing strategy.

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