We have to respond to the changing business environment -
June 19, 2018
Tag: Retail strategy

We have to respond to the changing business environment

We will see value networks play important roles in many aspects of the future business, with new collaboration models as a crucial success factor. There are many ways of responding to the changes, and here follows three of the most central.  

Consumer engagement

Taking part in a dialogue with consumers, justifying their trust in our brand and in our industry. 


Keeping consumers informed about the products’ key attributes, ingredients, nutrients and provenance as well as their environmental impacts.

The last mile of distribution

Battle in-store. Reconsider the assumption that this is an area in which we operate independently of one another. Explore opportunities to collaborate, under certain circumstances, to improve speed, efficiency and consumer satisfaction. 

Together we will put the consumer at the center of collaborative networks, which will improve long-term growth for the brand and for the industry.