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Use the packaging design to develop the brand

03 02 2021

Use the packaging design to develop the brand

More and more packaged goods companies turning to innovating their packaging as much as the product inside to capture consumer and shopper demand. By understanding their consumers’ and shoppers needs and behaviors, companies can add value to a product by creating a package that delivers a better experience. In fact, you could even say that a new package can create a new product, one that meets a new need and is experienced by the consumer in an entirely new way. There are many examples of how companies have successfully used this idea to take a great product and re-invent it to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. By creating a new package that matches consumer behavior, companies can differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and give consumers a new reason to choose their brand over their competitors’. Given these powerful incentives, the next time a company is trying to create something “new and improved,” it might want to take a step back look at their current products and the way people are using them. Sometimes by changing the package you can create a whole new product.

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