Understand the context and be clear -
January 29, 2018
Tag: Visual attention

Understand the context and be clear

Sometimes we tend to forget the importance of context when we evaluate packaging and packaging design. We simply underestimate the given shopping environment which leads to inappropriate messaging for that particular shelf space – so be sure to always account for the environment. 

To attract peripheral vision in-store, choose from a variety of tools – color, shape and placement – to help shopper communication. Another mistake we make is that we are tempted to include every benefit, feature, claim and offer in order to ensure that the shopper doesn’t miss a chance to buy the product. However, the opposite occurs. Cluttered, text-heavy, unfocused messaging does neither engage the shopper nor drive sales. 

The key to being successful in-store is to tell a simple story without being too simplistic. Leverage your shopper insights to select the right message to drive awareness and closure. Leave out the rest. Ask yourself the important questions. Is the message simple and the benefit clear? Is there a hierarchy of communication? Finally, does your communication remove any potential doubts in the shopper’s mind?