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The two-packaging context

05 07 2019

The two-packaging context

Marketers must take into consideration that the packaging must work both in the in-store environment and in the home. In-store packaging is subject to the retail realities of shelving, lightning, and merchandising, and it often appears in the context of point of sale materials or shelf-ready packaging. All of these factors directly affect how shoppers encounter the brand and can compromise packaging communication. It is not possible to design for every retail scenario. In the home, we know that storage location and thus in-home visibility can have significant impact on consumption. It’s important to ensure packages fit within kitchens or bathrooms and look good enough to be displayed, or they risk being lost in the garage or closet. New packaging innovations are those which link directly to new usage occasions, such as on-the-go packs or other innovations that contribute to perceived value, for example, resealability to avoid spoilage and waste, or a lighter packaging, which has a less of a negative impact on the environment. 

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