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The role of Shopper Marketing is increasing

05 16 2017

The role of Shopper Marketing is increasing

Brands need retailers for the distribution they provide; retailers need brands to support the statements they want to make with their stores when positioning them against other retailers, both digital and physical, and to drive category traffic. 

Even while brands are helping retailers with their positioning and improvement of category results, retailers are working to increase the share of private label sales at the expense of the brand. The job of Shopper Marketing is to leverage conscious and subconscious shopper behavior to improve results. 

The macro trends affecting retail create an empowered shopper operating within a hypercompetitive retail environment. Winning marketers must combine an understanding of what a shopper does and why she does it in order to design optimal shopper solutions. These need to deliver sales for the brand, traffic for the retailer and, finally, a happy shopper. All with a shopper-centric focus.

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