The obvious, simple stuff is really important in-store -
October 30, 2018
Tag: Decision-making, In-store environment

The obvious, simple stuff is really important in-store

Whole bodies of research in psychology and behavioral economics are devoted to the lesson that simple, seemingly trivial stuff affects in-store behavior. That is because our minds are trying to avoid work and take the easy option. 

The easier something is to do (i.e. the less mental and physical effort is required from the perspective of the shopper) the more likely it is that the shopper will make the purchase. We like to have some challenges in our life, but we still very often take the easy route when making daily decisions. 

Next to making things simple is having things that are familiar. We are just more comfortable with things we have seen before and actions we’ve taken before. A strong, well-known brand is therefore important as a guide to shoppers in store.