The most cost-effective form of in-store campaigning -
September 04, 2017
Tag: Visual attention, Decision-making

The most cost-effective form of in-store campaigning

During their visit to the store, shoppers are faced with thousands of messages trying to persuade them to buy – but we don’t see that many messages. 

During a 30-minute shopping trip, only 18 to 40 seconds will be focused on signs (Burke, 2014). On average, only 10–20 of these messages will lead to purchase decisions (Maila, 2010). 

Almost everyone visits grocery stores weekly and therefore your most important medium – the communication on the packaging – will reach a majority. In the store, package promotion is a means of standing out among other competing brands and in-store media. The packaging is a campaign that does not require any special measures from the in-store staff or sales representatives and it is a cost-effective way to reach the shopper. 

And finally, note that packaging is the only medium of communication in the store that can still be controlled by the brand. That is quite important when the power of in-store communication is in the hands of the retailer.