The context is important -
September 13, 2019
Tag: Decision-making

The context is important

Even when the consumer and the shopper are the same person, they are different because they are in a different context. When we are looking at the same individual through two separate lenses one sees very different things. One consumer might even be different types of shoppers in different stores.

Think how you might be described as a shopper in a hypermarket versus in a convenience store – same person, same consumer perhaps, but a very different shopper. Imagine a consumer of, let’s say, a soft drink, at home. That is one consumer. But as a shopper you could be two different shoppers, for that one consumption occasion. You could grab a can of soft drink on the way home from work and take it home with you. Or I could be buying a full week’s groceries at a hypermarket, and soft drink is only part of that shopping mission.

One consumer, two potential shoppers.  In the context of a store, we are simply different. This is important for a brand to consider when planning the strategies of Shopper Marketing.