That determines our decisions and behaviour - system 1 -
November 07, 2019
Tag: Retail strategy

That determines our decisions and behaviour - system 1

The Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman makes a distinction between two systems of mental processes that determine our decisions and behaviour in life and in the store.

He calls these two systems.  System 1 and system 2. System 1 integrates perceptions and intuition. It’s always running; it never sleeps. It’s very fast; it processes all information at the same time. System 1 is made for fast, automatic, intuitive actions without thinking. In times when energy was a scarce resource, this efficient way of acting and deciding was key to survival. Our brain is made for fast and automated actions. This is something to take into consideration when we fail in changing our shopper’s way of making decisions in the modern food retailer. The hallmark of a strong brand is to activate system 1 in the shopper’s mind.