Shopper missions drive in-store attention -
November 29, 2017
Tag: Decision-making, Visual attention

Shopper missions drive in-store attention

The mission of the shopper drives in-store attention and in-store purchases. The logic behind it is that goals act as the core criteria that the brain uses to filter incoming signals. 

How do we perceive the world when we are hungry? We focus more, of course, on food-related signals. Our autopilot scans the in-store environment and matches the incoming signals to our goals. If your goal is to buy a fresh dairy product, our autopilot is tuned to look for signals in the environment that promise to fulfill this goal. 

The shopper mission determines our attention – we notice things if they signal high shopper mission value. The best place to send signals to the shopper is on the packaging. Be clear and uncluttered and you will be successful in meeting your shopper’s mission.