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Remove in-store clutter

10 24 2018

Remove in-store clutter

Clutter is the enemy of a great shopping experience. It interferes with the shopper’s ability to visually and physically navigate through the store and to find desired products. Don’t forget that most of our attention comes from our visual capability – our eyes. 

Clutter distracts the shopper from their mission and reduces the efficiency of in-store communication. A common source of retail clutter is sign pollution created by shelf speakers, wobblers, streamers etc. While a few signs might be really helpful, more signs are not necessarily better. 

Retailers should remove signs that provide irrelevant or inconsistent information and consolidate signs with redundant information. The brands must help the retailers to become better at reducing clutter. Therefore, future success in communicating brand equity in-store will be in the packaging and packaging design. That is the most brand efficient way of making the store free from unnecessary clutter.

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