Packaging is the most important POS-material -
September 13, 2016
Tag: Visual attention

Packaging is the most important POS-material

In-store visibility is the key factor when it comes to being chosen by the shopper. But how well are the current methods working?

A lot of manufacturers are producing different kinds of POS material to attract attention from the shoppers. But up to 50% of the individual stores may not place in store advertising in the way and time period intended (POPAI, 2008). This is a high level of non-compliance and a challenge for brand owners.

The only thing the brand can fully control is the packaging type and the design on the packaging. The packaging design is visible on the shelf 365 days a year, whereas the POS material is only displayed for a couple of weeks at best.

Instead of struggling with in-store POS-material and displays, one advice is to focus on the stand out properties of the packaging itself as well as the packaging design to achieve a great in-store visibility.