Packaging as your most effective marketing investment -
May 16, 2017
Tag: Visual attention, Digital

Packaging as your most effective marketing investment

When you think of a really strong brand, there is a very good chance that an image of their packaging comes to mind. Think Dove, Coca-Cola or M&M.

When packaging becomes a visual icon and such an important part of the brand’s overall DNA, how can we argue that packaging is not one of your brand’s most important investments? Not only will the packaging of a strong brand have a longer shelf life than your advertising or promotional program, it will also be seen by more people in shopping mode.

The average consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages every day (Rosengren, Facing clutter: on message competition in marketing communications, 2008) and consumers have more choices than ever, due to media fragmentation and digitalization. It has become a challenge to connect with your consumer through any one medium, making it that much more difficult to reach desired levels of media impressions. 

With stats like this, it’s no wonder that the mortality of newly launched products is high. So, in conclusion, invest more in your packaging and view it as a strategic media investment. In-store visibility creates sales.