The shopping mode

How receptive consumers will be to different types of shopper marketing initiatives depends largely on the shopping mode they are in.

Shopping mode can be defined as the shopping goal the consumer is pursuing when they embark on a shopping trip. We differentiate between going shopping, which is something fun, and doing shopping, which is mandatory. The shopper invests time to explore and find interesting items.

The other part is actually doing the shopping. The shopping has to be done, but the shopper usually doesn’t enjoy it. This means they want to spend as little time as possible, they don’t want to invest more time than necessary, and they prefer to spend as little money as possible.

Shopping is often routine trips, such as weekly grocery shopping. Why is the differentiation important between going shopping and doing shopping?

As a shopper marketer, it’s crucial that you know in what shopping mode your shoppers are in. You must make the right priorities in-store and get the shoppers to pick your product.

Why is Shopper Marketing important?