Shopper’s expectations on a retail store

As a shopper and consumer, a person has certain expectations for a retail store and the products they buy in them.

Products should be on the shelves, nothing should be out-of-stock. Ranges should have both width and depth to be credible. Products should be high quality and not damaged in any way. Shoppers expect the products to be competitively priced. The pricing should be clear and easy to see. There should be good promotions on core and extended ranges of products. Stores should be clean and tidy. Each shop should be easy to navigate and all categories “shoppable”.

Queues should not exist at the checkout. Customer service should be excellent. Letting the shopper down on any of these will lead to them voting with their feet and taking their business to the next best alternative.

Achieving this is the bare minimum a retailer has to do to be in the game. This is not the final solution; it is the starting point. These are the basic expectations of the shopper in 2019.

The in-store silent salesman

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