Marketers need to embrace the shopper perspective -
November 10, 2016
Tag: Decision-making, Retail strategy

Marketers need to embrace the shopper perspective

Shopping is the world’s number one leisure activity and if you connect with the shopper you will increase sales.

Understanding the shopper will allow you to understand the customer at the most critical of times, when they shop for your category. Having understood where you create your sales and who else is in our arena fighting us for those sales, we must turn our attention towards the shopper.

Understanding shopper behavior is an important piece of the puzzle that will allow us to create impactful and profitable products, and meaningful and inspiring in-store experiences. Let us not spend more valuable time worrying about traditional segmentation. Let us instead hasten towards focusing on the point where our customers interact with our brands in-store – as shoppers.

According to several studies, up to 70% of FMCG shoppers make their final purchase decisions in-store (Nordfält, 2006 and POPAI). So why would we care about anything other than the shopper, and how to get the shopper’s attention?