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Include the shopper in your design and packaging strategy

09 04 2017

Include the shopper in your design and packaging strategy

Many of the principles of Shopper Marketing are quite intuitive – just think of how you shop, decide on, and consume brands. 

However, the reality is that very few companies actively incorporate the Shopper Marketing perspective into their process of making packaging decisions. We know the importance of shelf visibility and shopability, but many packaging systems are developed by design agencies in isolation from the shelf/store/shopper context – simply via consumer feedback from focus groups and web-based studies.  

Despite the importance of conveying a clear, single message, many packaging systems are cluttered with messages. Many marketers are reluctant to prioritize among these messages. Some key principles for avoiding cluttered messages are (Young, 2010): 

  • Including the shelf context in the packaging development and research. 
  • Integrating shopper understanding in the packaging development process. 
  • Approaching packaging sustainability efforts in a holistic manner which addresses shoppers’ functional priorities and information needs. 

Those key principles are quite simple to follow, and building these Shopper Marketing design principles into your way of doing business will likely be well rewarded at the shelf.

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