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In-store staff – veto power

02 24 2017

In-store staff – veto power

When it comes to retail, all successful entities involved in marketing recognize that the ultimate goal is to reach the shopper. The shopper determines the ultimate winners and losers. 

Good shopper marketing programs are built on this recognition and anchored in insights about the shoppers’ needs and desires. Another very important stakeholder is the store staff. 

  • Store management controls the entire store; may decide that a program does or does not work in that particular store. 
  • Department manager controls the department or section of the store; may decide that a program does or does not work in the department. 
  • Floor staff – works a section in the store; may be involved in a display set-up and decide whether a unit is too hard to set up or contains insufficient, or wrong, parts. 

The degree of involvement and the right of approval varies between the different retailers. However, at each step of the command structure in retail, groups have a veto power. And depending on the chain, the exercise of that veto power may be relatively weak or strong. 

To be a successful shopper marketer you have to incorporate the needs of in-store staff into the design of your in-store shopper marketing plan. 

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