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In-store media – branding vs. sales

11 22 2016

In-store media – branding vs. sales

One debate out there is in relation to whether in-store media are best utilized for branding or sales. The most common opinion is in favor of using in-store media to generate sales lift, while the branding function is also supported but takes place in the background.

There are agencies and marketing departments with an interest in focusing on the branding elements first. This is not working very well and is really shortsighted, as in using in-store to “close the communication loop”.

Marketers need to look at in-store for what it is rather than trying to transfer another medium’s strengths and weaknesses onto it.

The shopper will be approached by thousands of different messages in-store and we have to understand that shoppers are in the store with a mission to shop and buy. We don’t need to complicate things by sending more brand advertising messages. Shoppers have very little need to hear about the brand in-store unless the brand message is tied to something useful and accomplishes the shopper’s mission.

Whatever your perception of branding is, it is a means to an end – and that end is sales.

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