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How to win the last mile

08 21 2018

How to win the last mile

There is no single simple response to the challenges in the last mile. The success of collaboration will depend on the consumer segment, category etcetera. Most of all, the new approach to the last mile requires a change in mindset. 

Companies that simply try to defend their traditional models and assets will face difficulties. As a brand, we must explore new and optimized models to enhance the shopper experience and of course account for the growth in online shopping. Some models will include click-and-collect, pick-and-deliver and click-and-deliver. 

The whole marketplace is changing. The existing efficiencies of direct store deliveries for FMCG products in developed urban markets must be better understood. The brand has to be alert to opportunities to develop new models and learn what will work where. Companies such as Amazon are already experts in rapid experimentation, and the traditional part of the industry has to learn from them. We all have to relearn and learn again forever. 

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