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Getting selected in the shelf

07 01 2016

Getting selected in the shelf

The main objective in-store for any brand is to be visible and get selected. But what is the most efficient and certain way of reaching this goal?

What initially strikes the shoppers eye in-store is a mass of lines, colours, visual textures, fonts, pictures and shapes. We use this visual language to identify products and brands and judge their relevance to the shopping task. Every category has its own visual language which shoppers culturally share.

So how can we help shoppers decode our brand’s visual imagery? The way forward, in helping the shoppers finding our brand inside the store, is to create imagery that is clear, uncluttered and easily decoded by passing shoppers. This means that your communication will be elevated from the eyes detecting it to the brain processing it, which is a key factor in not getting deselected by the shoppers.

The maxim is simple: create clarity. This is also a reason why many retailers are moving to “clean store” policies and banning POS-material and displays. The packaging and the packaging design will never get thrown out due to a policy like that.

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