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From shopper experience to shopper mission

07 06 2016

From shopper experience to shopper mission

At the end of the last century researchers discussed the concept of shopper experience as an integral part of the shopping process and of the satisfaction we gained from shopping.

For example, the researchers found that the higher level of satisfaction we experienced with the retailer, the higher value we placed on the brands we purchased in the specific chain. In addition, researchers found that shoppers deliberately seek out retailers where they’ve had a good shopping experience before.

For a decade we have seen a lot of POS and digital communication material without a clear concept and shopper purpose. This because we believed that it would create a more interesting shopping experience. As a result, we are now looking more to satisfy the shopper’s mission, as one of the most important parts of the shopper experience. A common goal shared by the retailer and the brand is to make the sought-after brand as visual as possible in-store. In order to help meet the shopper mission.

If our brand isn’t seen, it can never be chosen by the shopper.

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