Find the shortcut -
May 28, 2019
Tag: Retail strategy, Decision-making

Find the shortcut

As you develop your shopper strategy, keep in mind that you cannot create a new goal in the shopper’s mind. Your challenge is to position your brand as the most effective way to address a goal that already exists in your target shopper’s mind. This goal may already be active, or you may have to activate it.

Positioning your brand as the most effective way of addressing a goal creates a shortcut or, in other words, an easy choice for the shopper that does not require a lengthy decision-making process. If you can´t present your brand as addressing a goal more effectively than other brands, you need to create a feeling of familiarity using associative priming. Familiarity can be a powerful shortcut whenever the shopper doesn’t see a particular brand as addressing one of their goals. And, with habitual purchases, you may aim at either disrupting or reinforcing current habits to benefit your brand.