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Consistency vs. boredom

07 17 2018

Consistency vs. boredom

When we shop, we seek comfort in consistency and familiarity. However, a potential conflict arises in that the sameness can breed boredom – which can result in a loss of impulse sales if everything except the necessary is excluded from consideration. 

Shopping for FMCG products on autopilot provides a sense of comfort, but shoppers tend to miss anything outside of the mental list they are using to shop. Interrupting the autopilot creates dissonance. This dissonance causes shoppers to 'see' new things, opening them up for purchase consideration, while at the same time causing stress by breaking the autopilot.

To optimize results, we need to balance the artful interruption of the shopping experience with the consistency that shoppers expect. One way to break out of the clutter is to use a unique colour or shape in a given category.

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